Managed IT Tips: Look Out For These Red Flags!

Future technology smart glass red touchscreen interface. Alert screen concept

How do you know if something terrible has happened to your machines or software? More often than not, they'll try their best to tell you-- but it's your job to know what to look out for. Here are a few red flags that mean your tech needs help!

Tips From Experts

Before we take a look at those big bad warning signs, it's essential to know one thing: the best way to avoid all these red flags and keep your tech happy, healthy, and efficient is to use a tool like managed IT services. Managed IT allows you to put all of your tech problems and responsibilities in a provider's reliable hands. With that stress off your shoulders, you're free to keep making the big decisions about your company's IT while your provider handles the little stuff.

What's excellent about managed IT is that you'll always be in contact with tech experts who act like trial guides, steering you through the rough and dangerous waters of the virus-infected, hacker-filled Internet world.

Warning Signs

Here are a few warning signs that mean your tech is crying out for help:

  • Ads, ads, ads

It may seem like ads are a frequent occurrence even on a good day, but you'll know if some adware has attacked you. Ads will bombard every corner of your screen, making it impossible to do just about anything.

  • Suspicious emails

Everyone's seen a suspicious email or two, but if you notice a rise in suspicious messages coming from company accounts, the chances are high that someone's account is infected. Attacks spread when victims open emails from their contacts, thinking those messages are legit--but, of course, they're not.

  • Unfamiliar pop-ups

If you're getting strange error messages, suspicious dialogue boxes, or unknown pop-ups where you never used to before, that's a big red flag. Time to take a closer look at your tech!

Are you worried about these and other red flags? Don't worry--managed IT has your back. Contact us today to start protecting your tech the smart way.