Print Accounting

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Smarter Management of Your Printer Expenses

Printing can prove more expensive than people realize. As we’ve mentioned on other pages, research has shown that 1-3% of a company’s annual revenue goes towards printing documents. Because this number can represent thousands of dollars, it becomes important to keep track of what and why you print.

That’s where COECO comes in. With our Print Accounting solution, you can get accurate, useful information on your office’s printing expenses.

Benefits of COECO’s Print Accounting Solution

COECO’s Print Accounting solutions let you pinpoint your office’s printing costs. The advantages of using our solutions include:

Detailed Information on Printing Costs

Print Accounting gives you precise information on how much your print jobs cost. You can track expenses by:

  • File size
  • Media type used
  • Color printing

Avoid Printing Waste

By enabling you to see who uses your laser printers the most and what they print, Print Accounting allows you to prevent waste. You’ll be able to pinpoint excessive printing and deal with issues directly.

More Print Management

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Document Solutions

COECO also offers Document Solutions to help you manage your electronic files better. Click the links below for details:

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To discuss how Print Accounting can help lower your printing expenses,