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High-Quality Prints for Low Cost

When deciding between the right inkjet or laser printers for your business, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions:

  • How reliable is the printer?
  • How fast can it print the first page each day?
  • Which types of documents do you need to print?
  • What’s the total cost of ownership?

COECO stocks BW laser printers and color laser printers that give you high productivity for a low cost. We can recommend a device that will satisfy both your printing and your budgetary demands.

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Features of COECO’s Laser Printers

COECO’s printers deliver top-notch documents in little time and with little waste. Their outstanding features include:

Fast Print Speeds

You can print hundreds of pages in a matter of minutes.

High Print Quality

Thanks to high dpi resolutions, you’ll get crisp text and vivid details on all your prints.

Printing Flexibility

You can print on card stock, labels and more.

Energy-Efficient Design

Many of our devices are Energy Star-certified, indicating a combination of superior productivity and reduced power requirements.

Additional Office Systems

Printers are just one kind of office equipment we offer. To learn more about COECO’s stock of first-rate Office Systems, go to the pages listed below:

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Production Printing

To ask questions about our available laser printers in Raleigh, Charleston, and Charlottesville or to discuss which ones could meet your office’s needs,