Local Company Celebrates Centennial

Staff Writer for the Rocky Mount Telegram

People driving in the 2500 block of North Church Street and wondering what COECO is may be unaware that it is the headquarters of a business that has been serving customers for 100 years.

Not only that, but COECO, which stands for Carolina Office Equipment Co., is also a fourth-generation family business presently selling and servicing office equipment, with Chuck Robbins the chairman and CEO.

Salem One & COECO Expands Partnership

We are pleased to announce Salem One, in partnership with COECO Office Systems, has made a large capital investment in their future with Xerox's Iridesse Digital Press. 

Xerox's Iridess Digital Press will allow the following at Salem One:

  • Robust Prototyping 
  • Short Run Digital Packaging Products 
  • Services for their Supply Chain, Packaging & Commercial Focused Clients
  • Enhanced Strategic Corporate Communication Programs


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