Ricoh's multi-year strategy to empower its digital workplaces across the US reaches new heights

MALVERN, Pa., Aug. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ricoh USA, Inc. today announced the culmination of a multi-year investment in empowering its own digital workplaces across the U.S., unveiling two new facilities, including a new U.S. headquarters. These new facilities will be equipped with Ricoh's next-generation collaboration and productivity solutions, such as unified communications systems (UCS), intelligent multifunction printers (MFPs), interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs) and projectors. As part of this long-term strategy to update and modernize Ricoh offices across the country, Ricoh's U.S. headquarters will move eight miles down the road to Exton, Pennsylvania, and the company's West Caldwell, New Jersey, location will move to nearby Parsippany, demonstrating ongoing commitment to both local areas.

"Similar to how we've been helping our customers empower their digital workplaces to better serve their customers, the time is right to embrace change and further enhance employee collaboration within Ricoh's own offices," said Donna Venable, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, and Deputy General Manager, Shared Services, Ricoh Americas. "On top of incredible collaborative technologies, these new offices offer informal meeting spaces that are great for spontaneous brainstorming, quick collaboration, or just building a better rapport among colleagues. I am extremely pleased that both facilities are located near our existing offices. Ricoh remains grateful and committed to the local communities that continue to support us, as employees, partners and customers."

According to recent research commissioned by Ricoh, 66% of workers in North America believe technology should play a central role in helping them work to the best of their abilities, and 74% believe the best workplaces invest in digital technologies for up-skilling staff. Ricoh recognizes the immense value innovative technologies and services bring to the workplace, which is why the company has reimagined and redesigned more than 40 US offices in the past two years to be centered around them. These optimized work environments foster collective imagination, which Ricoh defines as the original thinking of people inspired by knowledge and experience. It is core to Ricoh's beliefs that this approach will ultimately inspire collaboration, productivity and results garnered through the collective wisdom within an organization.

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