Kyocera redefines digital workflows and agile collaboration with KYOCERA Capture Manager

Fairfield, NJ - With more and more companies seeking simplified ways to turn their vast amount of information from a worry into a strength, Kyocera has risen to the challenge with the launch of KYOCERA Capture Manager (KCM).

For many enterprises across all sectors, the growing wave of data is proving to be overwhelming and has gone from being a potential competitive advantage to a very real business risk. Business leaders have quickly realized the need to get the entire data ecosystem back under control to re-establish organizational workflow stability.

To summarize, KYOCERA Capture Manager is an intelligent process automation solution that is designed to drive an organization’s digital workflow. Its framework comprises of four key elements: the actual information (Document); the compilation of this data (Capture); the intelligent processing and routing of information (Process); and digital archiving (Store).

Be it an invoice waiting at the MFP, a delivery note shared via mobile, or an application form received via email, KYOCERA Capture Manager is the blueprint to get teams and departments working as one. By addressing each part of the process, this solution helps create a robust information ecosystem.

The automation of these processes significantly reduces the time spent by staff, in turn, frees up valuable resources that can be deployed elsewhere. User management and access control combined with the digital signature feature help ensure system and document safety, as well as data integrity. Streamlining such processes also allows teams to collaborate and share files such as, invoices, credit notes, delivery notes and application forms, quicker than ever before, ensuring that important data and documents are easily accessible when needed.

“A failure to efficiently and securely store and manage important information not only affects productivity, but it also dramatically increases organizational risk,” says Jose Estebanez, Vice President, Corporate Marketing at Kyocera Document Solutions America, Inc. “KYOCERA Capture Manager gets straight to the heart of the pains facing today’s businesses with regards to data. The ability to bring together and manage a wide variety of information in one place will undoubtedly prove to be a real game-changer. It is, essentially, smarter working made simple.”

This holistic approach eliminates needless inefficiencies from workflows, thus resulting in faster customer response times. Automation reduces the scope for human error, while the creation of a defined information framework enhances compliance and reduces risk.

These benefits demonstrate exactly why those looking to accelerate their digital transformation needn’t look further than KYOCERA Capture Manager. It is not only the smart solution to address real business pains, but it is also the simplest and represents a new chapter in Kyocera’s digital transformation strategy.