HP Demonstrates Leadership in 3D Printing & Immersive Computing at Barcelona Innovation Summit

BARCELONA, Spain, May 22, 2018 – Today marks the start of HP's second annual EMEA Innovation Summit, convening HP technology leaders with industry customers, media and analysts from around the world to explore emerging trends in cutting edge technologies.

This year's event focusses on 3D Printing and Immersive Computing – two critical technology areas poised to reshape our world. Attendees will discover and experience the latest advances in these technologies, including HP device innovations.

The plenary session will explore 3D printing's role as catalyst for the 4th industrial revolution, as well as the practical levers that will need to align for the technology to disrupt the $12trillion global manufacturing sector. It will examine HP's innovations across the immersive computing spectrum from 3D creation and collaboration to personalized product development and immersive VR and AR experiences.

HP will also consider the future impact of these technologies on business, people, society and the planet, and how any technology advances will need to be informed by four megatrends shaping our world – Rapid Urbanization, Changing Demographics, Accelerated Innovation and Hyper Globalization.

Additionally, HP announces today at the Summit expanded installations of its HP Jet Fusion 3D printing solutions with digital manufacturing innovators Protolabs, Materialise, and ZiggZagg, and showcases its collaboration with the International Additive Manufacturing (IAM) 3D Hub. HP also reveals a number of new applications for its 3D printing technology, further information on which can be found here.

Tomorrow, HP will host two customer panel discussions on 3D printing and immersive computing. In the 3D printing discussion, three HP customers – ZiggZagg, Ficep S3, and Sculpteo will explain how they are using the technology to transform their business. The three firms, from Belgium, Spain, and France respectively, have created new products and opened up new lines of business with 3D. The panel discussion will explore key learnings and trends.

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In the immersive computing panel discussion, Superfeet and Brooks will talk about how they are developing personalized products through a combination of specialist scanning technologies and 3D printing. The companies both operate in the athletic footwear space and thanks to immersive computing advances, can now make running shoes tailor-made for individual runners using the HP FitStation.

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"We want to reinvent how the world interacts with technology - how it designs, creates and manufactures, to accelerate the next industrial revolution," says Shane Wall, CTO at HP Inc. "At this exciting Innovation Summit, we will demonstrate HP's leadership in 3D printing and immersive computing, and how this is driving our future growth & innovation."