Is it Time to Upgrade to a High-Volume Production Printer?

holding paper

So many businesses print a high volume of documents that it only makes sense to invest in a high-volume production printer. If you're wondering whether your office could benefit from one of these printers, here are a few factors to consider.

What Kind of Print Jobs Do You Have?

The first step is to evaluate how much printing you really do. Does your office regularly have large printing jobs to get done? Are you using your current printers at their capacity? If so, productivity could be higher if a high-volume production printer was used instead. This would free up other printers for employees who need to use them, and that would mean that your printing capacity would not be maxed out and unable to take on other printing projects. It's also important to determine whether you only need black-and-white printing or whether color printing is needed. It may be that you could save money by purchasing a monochrome printer and outsource the few color jobs that you have to print.

Staying Competitive

Having print quality that varies or takes an extremely long time can erode your productivity as well as your company's ability to remain competitive. If the competition has precise printing done and is fast to get them completed, that presents a problem for the company that doesn't have those abilities. A higher-end printer will result in better-looking printed materials, and the quality of what you print is even more important than its speed. Your documents should always look crisp, clean and professional.

Extending Your Printing Budget

One important consideration is how much demand there is for printing and what your printing budget includes. You may find that you are spending so much on outsourcing your production printing that it would actually save your company money to purchase the printer. It's also helpful to think about how much time could be saved by having one of these printers in-house. Would it earn the company more due to higher productivity? Will it tighten up workflows so that more can get done?

When you are thinking about your own high-volume production printer, contact us to find out about the current models and their features.