Managed IT

The Cost of Tech Downtime


Downtime is a natural--if irritating, inefficient, and unproductive--part of any IT workflow. The unfortunate truth is that things just won't always go as planned. However, what's even scarier is that, when downtime starts cutting into your budget, you might not even realize it at first--so today, we're using managed IT solutions to help identify the real cost of tech downtime.

Managed IT Tips: When to Upgrade Your IT Infrastructure


For many companies, just hearing the word "upgrade" is enough to send shivers down the spine. After all, upgrades are known for being difficult, expensive, frustrating, and stressful--right? Well, the truth is that updates--even big ones, like your entire IT infrastructure--don't have to be any of those things, as long as you know when and how to get started.

Do Small Businesses Need Managed IT?


Many of the business solutions available today are designed for the big guys--large, complicated companies with giant printer fleets and thousands of employees. That's why some small business owners start to worry that they're wasting their time with solutions designed for someone else. Luckily, that's not the case when it comes to managed IT--and here's why.

A Perfect Fit

The truth is, small businesses do need managed IT.

Managed IT

Managed IT from COECO

Throughout COECO’s 100 years of serving clients in the Carolinas and Virginia, we have always strived to offer the latest and greatest technology to keep our clients at the top of their game. We are proud to offer Managed IT services, to help our clients ensure their IT environment is secure and running at peak performance. As your Managed IT provider, we want to provide relief and peace of mind so that you can focus on your strategic business initiatives rather than worry about day-to-day IT operations.

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