Océ Colorado 1650

Wide Format, Inkjet
Manufactured by:
The new Océ Colorado 1650 allows print providers to be more productive and cost-effective with their large format roll printing applications.


  • One printer. Two finishes
  • Unsurpassed automation
  • Breakthrough productivity
  • Lowest cost of operation
Produce more output in less time at a lower cost through innovative Canon UVgel technology. The Océ Colorado 1650 offers a truly impressive application range, thanks to two additional technologies: the more flexible and stretchable formulation of the Océ UVgel 460 inks and the ingenious Océ FLXfinish technology. The UVgel 460 inks provide perfect image stability even when folded, bent and wrapped. And with the Océ FLXfinish technology, you can print your applications both with a flawless glossy and a luxurious matte finish, independent of media finish, doubling the range of your artistic freedom. Think of designer wallpaper, stunning decals, luxurious soft signage and front- and backlits with the deepest black that make people stop and take notice.