What Does Managed Print Actually Do?

printer in use

Managed print can make all kinds of great things happen in your business--but how? What does this solution do to improve workflows, cut costs, and boost security? Let's find out!

The Managed Print Secret

The secret to successful managed print? It's all in the print audit.

The very first thing you can expect from managed print is to have your own print audit--basically, a period of time where your provider analyzes your workflows, habits, and processes from top to bottom. Don't worry, though--you won't be getting a grade or feeling any judgment. Instead, managed print will help you utilize the information from a print audit so that you can choose and implement solutions that specifically target your needs.

For example, if you feel like you're spending too much money, a print audit will help you see where that money is going. Once you have the right data, managed print helps you make better choices on supplies, digital tools, overall printing, and more--all to save money and boost efficiency.

Managed Print in Action

Here's a quick look at what managed print actually does!

  • Printer care

Managed print helps you take care of printers like a pro. You'll be able to choose perfect settings for your needs, outsource repairs, schedule regular maintenance, and more.

  • Workflow changes

Managed print also helps you streamline and strengthen your workflows. By cutting out unnecessary printing, utilizing scanning solutions and online tools, and identifying extra steps and time-consuming habits, managed print boosts efficiency without breaking a sweat.

  • Security improvements

A print audit will catch security problems, weaknesses, or concerns both online and offline. From there, you can choose solutions like document security to help keep things safe and sound.

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