Do Small Businesses Need Managed IT?


Many of the business solutions available today are designed for the big guys--large, complicated companies with giant printer fleets and thousands of employees. That's why some small business owners start to worry that they're wasting their time with solutions designed for someone else. Luckily, that's not the case when it comes to managed IT--and here's why.

A Perfect Fit

The truth is, small businesses do need managed IT.

Now, that's not because small businesses are less capable of handling their tech. It's actually because hackers target smaller companies first. They tend to assume you have fewer defenses or that you won't be ready for them.

That's what makes managed IT such a great tool. It helps companies of all shapes and sizes take control of their networks, computers, mobile devices, and other technology, improving security and also addressing efficiency issues and workflow flaws along the way.

Essentially, managed IT is a perfect fit for small businesses because it helps put your tech to work for you, and that's a pretty good deal.

Small Business Benefits

Here are some managed IT benefits explicitly tailored to small businesses!

  • #1: Less downtime means more efficiency

Downtime can be especially expensive and frustrating for small businesses. Don't let your efficiency suffer; instead, turn to managed IT. Which can help you catch problems before they arise with downtime-limiting solutions like data backups and troubleshooting.

  • #2: Better processes save you money

You probably don't have a vast "dedicated tech budget" for your business, which means you need ways to save money without cutting corners. Managed IT can help you find ways to do just that--like switching to off-site storage and streamlining error resolution.

  • #3: Planned upgrades keep you ahead of the competition

Upgrades can be expensive, but that doesn't mean they're out of your company's reach. Managed IT helps you plan and budget for all the updates you want so that you can get your hands on all the newest, most powerful tech.

Ready to see what managed IT can do for your small business? Contact us today to get started!