Defining Managed Print

You might know a thing or two about managed print, but if someone asked you for details, could you comfortably and confidently define this solution? Could you explain what makes it "tick?" Not to worry--today we're revealing a little more in-depth about what managed print is!

The Essentials

At its heart, managed print is a solution designed to make vast improvements by merely changing the way you think about printing. Printers and print habits have a significant impact on almost every corner of your company. It makes sense that focusing on this one thing can help improve everything from communication to customer service, to document security.

If you broke managed print down into its essential parts, it would look like this:

  • A provider, who creates a relationship with your company.
  • A print audit, which helps your provider understand who you are and what you're doing (and what you need to be doing).
  • Print solutions, which can look like all kinds of things--follow-me printing, digital tools, new machines, you name it.

The Details

Here's a quick look at how managed print works. Remember, managed print is a sort of "revolving" solution, which means that it can return to any stage in the process to address new concerns and implement better solutions!

#1: Print audit

Your provider learns about your business, your workflows, your print environment, and your machines.

#2: Hardware changes

Managed print makes changes starting with your hardware. Better, more efficient machines help support future solutions and upgrades.

#3: Workflow changes

You use data from the print audit to eliminate unnecessary steps in your workflow, make better use of your printers' settings, and utilize online tools and automation to get jobs done more efficiently.

#4: Supply changes

Managed print helps you organize your use of supplies--from orders to storage.

#5: Security updates

Finally, managed print addresses any security concerns you might have, both online and offline. After that, it's time to see what's working, what's not, and what you'd like to change--and then you move further from there!

Now that you can define managed print, it's time to see it for yourself. Contact us today to get started!