The Cost of Tech Downtime


Downtime is a natural--if irritating, inefficient, and unproductive--part of any IT workflow. The unfortunate truth is that things just won't always go as planned. However, what's even scarier is that, when downtime starts cutting into your budget, you might not even realize it at first--so today, we're using managed IT solutions to help identify the real cost of tech downtime.

Why Managed IT?

Now, you might be thinking to yourself that IT downtime, while frustrating, can't be that big a deal. Do you need a complete, intricate solution like managed IT to handle something that every tech workflow experiences now and again?

The truth is that downtime can be a significant drain on your budget, efficiency, employee morale, customer service, and even security--and what's worse, you might not even realize it. When downtime becomes a "commonplace" occurrence and is taken for granted, that's when it can do the most damage.

That's why managed IT is the perfect solution for all your downtime woes. Managed IT is based around the idea that downtime isn't a problem, but a symptom, and the real issues--like inefficient workflows, poor software management, and flawed communication--can only be solved by looking at your tech environment as a whole. Luckily, a managed IT provider can help you do all that and more!

Calculating Costs

Here are a few ways that downtime might be draining your budget!

  • #1: Efficiency

The most obvious cost of downtime is a loss of efficiency. Jobs get delayed, messages don't go through, employees get frustrated, and--unfortunately--customers suffer.

  • #2: Focus

A less-realized cost of tech downtime is something you might never expect: focus. Even after the machines are up and running again, employees often have trouble jumping back in--often because they are frustrated and distracted. This can lead to human error, lack of productivity, and even customer service issues.

  • #3: Security

Downtime can leave you vulnerable to all kinds of security issues, depending on which part of your IT environment has failed. Your software, passwords, or data could be at risk every minute your workflows are down.

Want to dodge all these nasty costs? Let managed IT help you get rid of downtime for good! Contact us today to get started.