3 Signs You Need Managed IT


Do you need managed IT? Many companies aren't sure how to answer that question, which leads them to hesitate when it comes to making this critical decision. That's why we've made a list of the three most prominent signs that you need managed IT!

Red Flags

The truth is that not every company needs managed IT. Some are doing fine on their own, and others have found a variety of smaller solutions that are getting the job done--but that's the thing. When it comes to IT, you don't want to be "doing fine" or "getting the job done." You want to be flourishing.

Your efficiency should be through the roof, your security stronger than ever, your customer service ratings all aglow, and your employees happy and confident with every machine or tool they use. Excellent IT should be a way of living in your entire company--not just something you mark off the to-do list.

So how do you know that your IT is surviving instead of thriving (or hardly surviving at all)? Here are some red flags that tell you it's time for managed IT.

Red flag #1: You have a lot of downtime.

Downtime is a big issue, both for your budget and your efficiency. If you're always hearing that the computers are down or the software isn't working, it's time for managed IT.

Red flag #2: Your data isn't backed up.

Whether you just haven't found the time or you don't think backups are a priority right now, not having this resource is a big problem--one that managed IT can solve quickly and easily.

Red flag #3: You have regular emergencies.

If you're so used to IT "emergencies" that you hardly bat an eye, you know you've got a problem. Managed IT can help you implement proactive solutions that make all those emergencies a thing of the past.

So, do you need managed IT? Contact us today to find out!